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Mortgage Loan Originator

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About Nick

I am an Orlando native with over five years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of the Central Florida market. I graduated from UCF with my B.A. in Business Management, and continued on to earn my Masters of Business Administration from the Rollins College Crummer School of Business. As your Loan Officer, my job is to make sure we find you the product that will save you money, protect your assets, and get you a good return on investment.

In addition to providing you with an excellent mortgage loan, I will provide top-notch service and communication, ensuring you are informed throughout the purchase or refinance process. With the strong team at Equity Prime Mortgage on my side, I will make sure we can get you into that perfect home or better loan. I look forward to working with you!


Nick from the very beginning was personable, friendly and honest. Thorough in his descriptions of the process, expectations and product. Always easily attainable for communications and knowledgeable in his craft. As a first-time homeowner, my overall experience was phenomenal & I highly recommend Nick for anyone looking for wonderful service, attention to detail and a confidante in such a lifelong commitment and decision. Thank you!!!!

Sarah Bethanny Goley, Borrower

Nick always had an answer to my many questions and never an I don’t know. It was a pleasure working with Nick and he made the home buying process a smooth experience. Thanks Nick for all your help.

Sabrina & Jim, Borrower

Nick is very knowledgeable and a very good communicator. Would definitely work with him again

Dustin S., Borrower

Professional, good energy, and always looking the best option ,defenily a good realtor

Yaser S., Borrower

Nick was professionally persistent in getting our loan processed. From start to finish, which was less than 30 days, Nick and his team were very pleasant and made the loan process a very positive experience. I highly recommend him if you are in need of financing.

Mark A., Borrower

Always available and when needed information or something answered ensured we were helped.

Jenny De La Cruz, Borrower

Because he is so friendly he goes the extra mile for his client and after they get in their home he checks to make sure whether they need anything

Catherine D., Borrower

Nick was very professional, extremely courteous and friendly, and made sure to keep us connected every step of the way. He turned our situation with a previous loan company around and, with his persistence, we were able to purchase our house. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone and everyone needing his services. Thank you Nick for helping turn a negative situation into a positive!!!

Kisha Annette Moorer Bobbio, Borrower

Outstanding customer service and friendly.

Randall Anthony Michael Seenandan, Borrower

Nick was very nice and helpful.

Diane McArthur Lindor, Borrower

From start of process, Nick was very informative and helpful. If there are any obstacles or hiccups along the way, Nick will go the extra mile to find a solution that will be favorable for you the client. GREAT GUY TO WORK WITH!!!

Oral Wayne Johnson, Borrower

Nick was extremely helpful throughout the entire building process. As a first-time home owner, I could not have asked for more amazing support!

Shawn Alexander McMann, Borrower

Nick is an awesome dude!

Eli Elliott Brigham, Borrower

Nick was always very prompt and had no problem explaining each step of the process to me. Very helpful!!!

Aaron D. Henry, Borrower

It was such a pleasure working with Nick. He always kept us up to date during every step of the mortgage process. He would return calls or emails almost immediately if I had questions. The processors were also so helpful and right on top of everything. I would definitely recommend Equity Prime Mortgage to my friends and clients.

Robert C Gipp, Borrower

Nick was great to work with I would definitely recommend him. He was extremely helpful the entire process and always simplified the things someone without experience might not understand fully.

Jeremiah William Jacobs, Borrower

Nick and his team did an amazing job. They worked quickly and efficiently all well keeping us well informed. Anytime we had any questions they were right there to help! I would highly recommend Nick and his team.

Maria Kristy Pyfer, Borrower

Provided excellent explanations, searches, and communication on every step of our journey to purchasing a home. Thanks

Sheldon Kowlessar, Borrower

Nick was always responsive to the needs of my client. He went above and beyond by making the whole transaction seem seamless, despite the hurdles!


I have worked with Nick for multiple transactions. Very knowledgeable and always timely with his responses. I recommend him to all of my clients.

Jason A, Borrower

Nick did an excellent job from start to finish. Always available to answer our questions. I will highly recommend him to my costumers.

Mabel C Rios, Borrower

Nick goes above and beyond in helping you. He is the Best! Thank you so much!

Carmen M. Lax, Borrower

Nick was great from beginning to end. Kept in good communication with the clients, title companies and realtors involved.

Richard Cunningham, Borrower

Nick kept everyone informed every step of the way without having to call for updates on this file! He made the process very smooth and enjoyable.

John T Muccigrosso, Borrower

Nick worked tirelessly to help me fulfill my dream or purchasing my first home. He was very professional and made sure I was always in the know. It felt as though me getting my home meant as much to him as it did to me.

Sharday Gaston, Borrower

Nick has worked alongside with many of our clients and has continuously provided our buyers excellent service. Great communication, responds quickly to any questions or concerns we have regarding the files and always ready to present resolutions to any challenges. He proactively sends us progress updates, very transparent and sets our expectations right. A great team-player, very hands-on on all of the files and stays on top of everything.

Gillian Redman, Agent

Because he takes time to explain everything.

Kethia Louis, Borrower

Thank you for all your help. The process went very smooth…..

Kelly Elyse Woods, Borrower

Nick is VERY Communicative every step of the way. Our clients felt comfortable and confident in his abilities. Will recommend him to every buyer in the future!

John Muccigrosso, Agent

Nick kept me informed all the way to closing. He did a great job

Jose V Rodriguez, Borrower

Nick was super helpful, knowledgeable and easily accessible! Always replied prompt and professionally. From beginning to end he was always there to help with any concerns or issues. Highly recommend!

Zorimar Fonseca-Rosario, Borrower

Nick Muccigrosso made things very smooth for me during the process. As a first time home buyers many of the questions I had I am sure were common knowledge. However, Nick took the time to discuss and explain things to me and made sure I understood. I would recommend Nick for anyone.

James McCabe Barton, Borrower

Thanks for handling this transaction for us in such a professional and timely matter.

Uno Sorlie, Borrower

Nick and his team assumed this file from a big bank who couldn’t close the deal. Within a few weeks, we were able to successfully close the loan and get the buyer into their home only a few days after the projected closing date.

Diedra Cobaris, Realtor

High level of courtesy, speed, and communication.

Zayd A Babamir, Borrower

The communication back and forth with Nick was great. He’s very knowledgeable and I would definitely do business with him again in the future

Derrick Lamar Dean, Borrower

Nick did an amazing job and kept up on everyone for the issues that kept arising during my transaction. Nick knew I was drowning with work and him and my realtor Joseph helped me out so much by working together to get task done I had trouble to get to and I really think they made a great team overall for the house buying experience.

Anthony Michael Vargas, Borrower

Nick is very professional and excellent to work with. My clients loved working with him. He is knowledgeable and is always ready to answers questions.

Suzanne Seenandan, Borrower

The experience was great because there was always great communication during the whole process

Angela Brotherton, Borrower

Great customer service by the entire team

Candido Cubero Jr, Borrower

Nicks communication was Stellar. His response time was amazing. He never hesitated to answer a question or call. Commendable and a pleasure to work with. Always in touch with the client and I. Keep up the Great work.

Tracy Hampstead, Borrower


Mindy E Machock, Borrower

Very helpful to both my client and I. He went out of his way to help with COA issues etc.. I would gladly recommend him to anyone

Pudele Joseph, Agent

Nick was very precise in asking for information that allowed me to quickly search for the required documents that were requested for the loan verification. He was very quick in responding to questions that I may have had. Very professional.

David Bryson, Borrower

Nick was great to work with. Kept me informed and was available when I called.

Robert C Roland, Borrower

The support and help that I received from Nick was the best.

Jimmy Ray Carroll Jr., Borrower


James W Lowe, Borrower

Nick was really great with giving us all the information we needed and explaining it in way where I could understand and feel so overwhelmed. He communicated clearly what needed to be done and was always available when I had any questions.

Gicelle Noemi Faria, Borrower

Very communicative

Lindsie Fann, Borrower

I had the opportunity to speak to three loan officers but Nicolas Muccigrosso was the only one that walked me through the process from day one. And I had a full understanding of how the process worked. I would strongly recommend Nicolas Muccigrosso to anyone who needs a loan for a home .

Mark Anthony Cummings, Borrower

This was my 2nd time using Nick & I cannot recommend him enough. His attention to detail & professionalism are unmatched. If anyone is looking for a true partner in the home buying process, Nick is your guy.

Raymond T McCormack Jr, Borrower

Great communication, determined, professional, overall great experience with Nick.

Omar Basim Hamad, Borrower

Once again, an EXCELLENT job by Nick! Follow up and follow through is always amazing and the client experience is second to none. Keep up the good work!

John Muccigrosso, Realtor

Nick was a delight to work with. He cared about the Buyer. He addressed all questions and concerns that came up. Super patient and genuine positive attitude.

Chris Neun, Borrower

Nick was always available and gave us weekly updates which was amazing due to the fact real estate is hectic enough. Communication was always open and we would defiantly love to work with him in the future.

Lindsey Leibowitz, Borrower

Nick was vert informative from start to finish. It started with a 20 mins phone call 3 weeks before my business partner and I even applied for a loan. That 20 mins was an interview process per say and Nick passed with flying colors. He was on top of everything every step of the way. Start to finish it was a pretty easy process. Even when he lost his processor and had someone else step in they did a wonderful job to finish out the loan. Thanks for all your help!!!!

Thomas F Davidson, Borrower

Patience and quick, efficient communication.

Jose Gavino Cardosa, Borrower

It’s always a pleasure working with Nick both as a Realtor and a client. He’s very knowledgeable and a accommodating. You can see his genuine care to make sure the transaction goes smoothly and the client is well informed the entire process. Highly recommend Nick and Equity Prime.

Rizza Gloriani, Borrower

Nick is always very friendly, helpful and quick to respond!

Jennifer McCarty, Borrower

Excellent communication from Nick and everyone on the team.

Paolo R Gloriani, Borrower

He always made himself available to my questions even when he was not at work! Very Friendly and organized.

Maritza Leon, Borrower

The team effort was extraordinary! Nick was awesome. He explained every step and kept me informed throughout the whole process. Thank you for all you do.

JoAnne Faria, Borrower

Nick Muccigrosso blew our expectations out of the water. He worked to get us great rates and walked us through the home buying process step by step. Being our first time purchasing a home, we appreciated his knowledge, expertise and sincerity greatly. Thank you Nick for helping us close on our beautiful new home!

Alyssa Danielle Wilson, Borrower

Nick was an excellent resource throughout the entire lending process to buy our first home. Nick was able to provide all of our potential loan options and offered informative advice that always had our best interest in mind. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone looking for superb service and honest, trustworthy advice.

Brett Matthew Kolb, Borrower

Great communication and professionalism. Thank you for all your hard work.

Dori A Conner, Borrower

Nick did a great job of keeping me updated and guided me through every step of the process. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. He was fast and professional and easy to talk to. I will keep in touch for any future endeavors for sure!

Matthew Nabor, Borrower

His communication was excellent.

Luis Carlos Agudelo, Borrower

Nick is so easy to work with! He did a very good job with my loan approval. He works professionally and very knowledgeable. He is always available when I need to consult. I highly recommend Nick.

Renita Woon Lim, Borrower

Nick is very thorough and detailed about it everything and at the same time very pleasant to deal with.

Manuel Fonseca-Rivera, Borrower

He was amazing to work with, we had a lot of ups and downs during our process to buy a home but he was always there to lend a helping hand in anything he could do!

Ashley Nicole Spalding, Borrower

Communicative !

Lindsie Fann, Borrower

Nick was great with is weekly updates of our loan. I appreciate the constant communication and look forward to working with him again. Thanks Nick!

Heather Logue, Borrower

Nick was very patient with my husband and I as new home buyers. He communicated with us throughout the whole process and was able to help make sure we were able to get the best deal possible. 10/10 would recommend him to anyone!

Samantha Elizabeth Santos, Borrower

Nick was on top of everything. Every question my wife and I had he took the time to answer and explain, from simple little ones to the complex. He was very informative and guided my wife and I through a stressful yet exciting time. Thank you Nick!

Trenton Antonio Santos, Borrower

Nick was there through all the ups and downs with these clients and not only did he keep up with everything that was going on, but he did it at all hours of the day and night. When it came down to crunch time, he pulled out all the stops to get us to the closing table. Not only does Nick know what he is doing, but he knows how to explain it in a way that puts people’s minds at ease.

Christina Verstrate, Agent - 8.20

Thank you!

Mariya M Sotnik, Borrower - 8.20

Everything went as planned

Tom Minter, Borrower - 8.20

Nick was great in helping me as a first time homebuyer. We were able to move the closing date up a couple of weeks so I didn’t have to extend my lease or reschedule my movers. He also worked with me to reach my goal of locking in a rate of 3% Thanks for everything to Nick, Lori and the rest of the team there at EPM.

Sean Owens, Borrower

My second project with Nick, worked out well.

Michael Broderick, Agent

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