Ryan Floyd

Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS: 1564115

(407) 470-1839

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Very Knowledgeable, Answered all my questions professionally and responded back promptly. He was kind enough to even educate me on a few areas of the process that I was unaware of. It’s very hard to find someone that updates you throughout the whole process and keeps you in the loop the whole way through. Ryan was always on top of things and let me know as we advanced towards the approval of my new home!

Neal Alexander Bruno, Borrower

Ryan and I hit it off from the get go. He is the beginning of the process. After that it hit some bumps in the road. But in the end the road straightedge out. And we got it down.

David Browne, Borrower

Well,just our second time meeting with Ryan, both times he’s made us feel like we’re apart of the process of getting a loan and homeowners process. He’s made us feel very comfortable and confident in the advice that he has given.

Terry Hicks, Borrower

The best…. great service 24/7

Antonio Gabriel Fernandez Barrios, Borrower

From the very beginning Ryan was very attentive to our needs, very thorough, thoughtful and kind. He listened carefully and advised accordingly. Ryan went above and beyond to make our dream of owning our home come true. We are so grateful.

Adrian Todd Ingram, Borrower

Ryan was helpful from beginning to end, it did not matter how many questions I asked or how many emails I sent he was there with a clear answer.

Manuel David Rosario, Borrower

Working with Ryan felt like working with a close friend. He didn’t treat our process like it was just another transaction. He was very patient with us. In many cases, you get mortgage companies that just want to sell their product and move on to the next person. Not Ryan, he was professional, personable, and honest. I will make sure to refer all my friends an family members to Ryan.

Loockmy Jean-Charles, Borrower

Ryan was fantastic! I was a first time home buyer and he was so knowledgeable and patient with me through it all.

Sarah Jayne Oney, Borrower

Ryan has been phenomenal through out the whole process! He also closed a previous loan of mine and that’s why I came back to Equity!!! What an asset to your company! Extremely helpful and super knowledgeable! 🙂

Dena Marie Voltoline, Borrower

Mr. Floyd always had a quick response when asked questions that needed an answer and never difficult to reach.

Angel T Reyes, Borrower - 8.20

Ryan was very good at responding and answering all of my questions

Kelsey Nicole Rogers, Borrower - 8.20

Even though I never saw Ryan, because of the precautions for the virus, we constantly communicated by phone and email, so the results of this transaction were finished on time.

Estella Jorgensen, Borrower

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